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Modelling a Slab supported by columns

TonyC 2016-07-26 12:54:23

Here's a new technical support issue that I wanted to share with our users

I need to model a slab supported by a certain number of columns but when I move on to launching the calculation process, I get this error: FATAL ERROR 10009: Structural Elements NOT connected to the slab.

How do I solve this?

A column member can only be connected to a slab at the edge. If you need to place a slab supporting it with columns that are laying inside of the slab's perimeter, the best thing to do is subdivide the slab into multiple sections using the edge beam object (or ring beam).
This way, the columns is connected to an edge of the slab surrounded by the edge beam (not considered in calculation) and therefore satisfies the FEM calculation model.

Keep in mind that the two slab sections are subdivided and connected with a constraint relationship between each other, therefore, all conditions are respected.

Click HERE to see an illustration.

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