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Modelling a Floor level Built of a solid slab

TonyC 2016-07-26 12:45:15

How can I model the entire floor level of my building using a solid concrete slab?

To model a floor using a solid slab, you first need to define its perimeter then connect beam or edge beam elements, (edge beams or ring beams are not considered in the calculation process) columns or walls/partition walls to the perimeter members.

This type of modelling is necessary because direct intersection of columns and slabs isn't allowed.
In these cases, what you need to do is connect multiple closed surfaces so as to apply the solid slabs to. In terms of the structural analysis, these will all be "sowed" together when running the Structural Analysis and Frameworks calculation.

Click here to see an illustration of an incorrect modelling case: Incorrect Model

Click here to see an illustration of a correct modelling case with structural analysis:
- Correct Model
- Structural Analysis