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How to create a custom material layer

LuigiS 2020-08-25 15:12:51

I would like to share a support request:

How can I create a custom material layer?

Material Layers can be created and customized in the User/Project BIM Object Library.
To create a new Material Layer proceed as follows:
1. open the "USER/PROJECT BIM object library";
2. from the upper menu choose "material layer";
3. select the "VERTICAL" or "HORIZONTAL" folder;
4. right click "Append"> "Folder";

5. type the name of the folder;
6. select the folder;
7. right click "append" -> "Element";

8. in the editor click on "Edit";

9. click on the arrows
10. select the material from the "GENERAL BIM object library".

Once you have finished choosing all the materials for the layers composition, click on “Finish” and then on to confirm the changes.

Within the editor, in addition to the arrow symbols, we find :
this button allows to access the “BIM objects library” and choose the material of each single layer;
the arrows allow you to move the selection of the layer to the right or left;
This button allows you to delete the selected layer.

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