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How to proceed with renderings

AdrianaZ 2020-07-27 15:08:47

I need to produce my first render. Which steps do I need to follow?

Launching the Rendering process id very stright-forward. Follow these easy steps:

- Right click on the 3D VIEWS node;
- Choose "Add Perspective";
- Set up your scene with the correct observation point;
How to move in the model
- adjust date and time to create the desired shadows;
- open the rendering settings, click the start rendering button;

- generate a preview of the rendering in order to choose the brightness parameters with greater accuracy;

- change the brightness:
a) Exposure: to adjust the overall brightness of the scene;
b) Direct light: to set the intensity of direct light on objects by increasing or decreasing the intensity of natural light;
c) Spot Camera: to add an artificial light source behind the observer;
d) Background-based (IBL): to adjust the lighting of the scene with the sun and the colors present in the 360 Pano background.

- when the brightness of the scene is correct, from the preview phase, you can now produce a Hi-Res rendering.

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