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Better quality 360 photos

User_548905 2019-11-22 10:52:43

Iv started using the 360 photos and cant seem to improve the quality of the photo.
When you view the model in "real time rending" the image is clear and high quality. However, when I take a 360 image from there, it comes out very poor quality.
Is there any way to improve the quality or to get it as close to the real time rendering as possible?


Tony 2019-11-22 12:21:09

Hi Andrew...
Why not try using the 360 pano rendering from the AIrBIM (Artificial Intellegence render) tool.
Have a look at the attached illustration to switch to this particular rendering engine where you can see that setting the Pano 360 rendering option you can push the resolution to 8000x4000.

The output is phenomenal especially if you are using one of the IBL Backgrounds.
These kinds of backgrounds bring in lighting information from the image itself blending in the external sunlight with your scene.

I'm also including a Pano Image example for you to have a look at because it really extends the sense of realism especially when using a Pano VR Viewer (google cardboard, VRBox, etc.)

Let me know if you need further help on this topic.

More info regarding AIrBIM settings available here: