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Assigning IFC properties to multiple entities at the same time

Mauro 2018-06-06 15:49:11

Here's another Technical Support case that I wanted to share with our users:

Is it possible to assign IFC properties to multiple entities at the same time?

To assign properties (#TagBIM) to several entities simultaneously, select them on the 3D model and activate the function "Edit properties" or "Edit BIMTag" on the program toolbar.

To select multiple entities, simply hold down the Shift key and click on each entity with the left mouse button.
If some entities are hidden within a complex model, use the "Visibility" function to hide/show the selected/unselected entities.

Example: You can select and hide the perimeter walls of a building in order to be able to easily select partitions and/or interior doors.

In addition to the manual selection method, you can also define the so-called "Selection filters".

Watch these videos:
"Visibility" management during 3D model navigation

Creating filters for fast entity selection