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error code7

User_1295770 2021-06-29 13:02:43

I am trying to covert a dwg file to IFC
when select file and enter the name, when i click on start button this massage coming
fail to process
error code7

Please help me understand and rectify this error717738_1624964553_error_code7.jpg


Tony 2021-06-29 14:34:14

This could be due to the presence of CAD blocks in your dwg.
Please try purging your model and therefore explode CAD blocks, remove texts and measurements and then save as a 2010 dwg FILE VERSION. At this point, you can try re-importing for the conversion process.
If it doesn't work, please zip and attach here so I can take a look.



FrancescaP 2021-08-13 16:39:59

The conversion function from 3D block to IFC is useful if you have a 3D block in a compatible format, which represents a block, an element, a piece of furniture or similar and you need it in IFC format, but it is certainly not applicable for such complex files.
In this specific case, the DWG file cannot be converted and presents the error message in question.
When analyzing your file of about 100Mb, we noticed that it is composed of about 380000 entities including block references, meshes etc. Therefore, the conversion procedure shows the error.
We had difficulty in trying to purge it or even managing it with other programs as the file is so complex.
Our suggestion is to try to get a model as light as possible, perhaps in a different format, such as skp, obj etc.


Tony 2021-08-30 09:18:34

Ok!... pleased that it works now.