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Change IFC Class

User_1648835 2023-07-05 07:45:28

Need to change IFC class on multiple objects. If you use Shift, the "Change IFC Class" command is missing. How to quickly change the class of multiple items.


Tony 2023-07-05 10:33:32

thanks for contacting us in relation to your need to edit Multiple Object Classifications.
You can refer to the usBIM.editor Online App for this kind of need - also see more about the newly added features available HERE.

FurtherMore, once you have uploaded your IFC file to your usBIM cloud storage area (10Gb free storage and 14 FREE apps), you can access the EDITOR features and then add classifications to Multiple IFC entities.

Check the Attached Screenshot with a step by step Guide

Edit multiple classifications usbim.editor online.png