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Drawing Models: how to rotate a specific drawing when composing the project working drawings

Patricio 2021-10-06 12:11:51

How can I rotate my Drawing Models (for instance, my Plan views, Elevation and Section views) during my Working Drawings composition work.

You can do that by adjusting the drawing model rotation angle value.

Here's the procedure:
- in your Working Drawing select the specific drawing model that you want to rotate;
- in the properties toolbox, in the Drawing model rotation field type in the desired rotation angle value.

See figure --->Table rotation

When rotating a drawing model the text contained within isn't rotated.
This basically means that if you need to rotate the text too, you need to:
- go to the specific drawing model;
- select the text;
- from the properties toolbox use the functiontext rotation [°ssdc].

This adapts the text according to the drawing model rotation requirement