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How to export models in the IFC format

Patricio 2021-10-06 09:06:18

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I need to export my 3D model as an IFC file - is there a special feature for this?

Yes, you can export your 3D model in the IFC format, by following these easy steps:
- go to a workspace level or the 3D view of your model;
- from the toolbar select the Export in IFC command.

see image ---> "Export in IFC" (toolbar)

Then choose the file path and name.

The IFC export command is also available in the File menu:
- selected the level or the 3D view of the model;
- from the File menu select Export;
- click the IFC Format option.

see image ---> IFC format (File menu)

The above is valid both for the BIM MODEL and IFC editor environments.