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AntonyC 2017-03-23 09:11:14

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Tony 2020-05-19 14:02:01

This kind of error is caused by your Video Card driver. It's an INTEL HD integrated video card.
First thing is to update your Card Driver or switching to a more performing Video Card.

These kinds of Cards are normally combined with Higher performing Video cards that you can switch over to by changing the power saving settings to "High performance graphics".

Please let us know if you need further assistance.


Tony 2022-03-07 09:50:08

Dear sir,
From the errors you are showing me, it seems that your Video Card may not be compliant with our minimum HW system requirements.
Please refer to: for details and check if your PC responds to these requirements.

As I first step, however, I would recommend updating your Video Card drivers and try relaunching the software.



Tony 2022-07-13 12:25:12

Hi, I'm sorry that your post was picked up so late by our tech support team. These cases are often replied by other users from the community but your specific query is also related to some product quality issues.

The indication 'Correct Thermal Bridge' shouldn't be visible in the international version of TerMus, as it strictly refers to the Italian standard so it'll be removed in our upcoming updates.

The Air-Gap can be modeled as you have already have shown and will have to be evaluated in a static condition, not dynamic.

For the rest, the model is not very clear (it seems you have a 60cm model - less than standard requirements) but however, when calculating the TB at the aluminum support and considering two different conditions (air-gap with insulation and with other material) the results obtained in terms of kl, L2D and flow change in relation the adopted material.

The presence of the aluminum profile is an element that will greatly alter the model, being a highly conductive material.