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Designing a photovoltaic system on Vaulted roof.

Victor 2020-06-15 17:38:57

This technical support case was sent in by one of our users

It is possible to design a photovoltaic system on a vaulted roof in Solarius-PV, positioning the modules with different orientations.


To manage PV modules positioning on a vaulted roof, please proceed as follows:

1. Access the BIM editor, go to the "3D View" and activate the "MagneticGrid" function at the top of the toolbar.
2. Click in the "3D View" workspace.
3. In the MagneticGrid Editor choose the "Cylindrical" function in the toolbar and place it into position.
4. Select the center of the "Cylindrical" structure by orienting it horizontally.
5. Model the structure as required, then conclude the modeling of the "MagneticGrid" Editor.
6. In "3D View", proceed to assigning the inclined surface for each single face created.
7. Once all the inclined surfaces have been entered, the "Photovoltaic Fields" will be automatically recognized.
8. The compatible inverter will also be assigned, obtaining the complete photovoltaic system.

In order for everything to be easily implemented in the software, watch the following video:video


Tony 2020-10-26 15:47:43

In this short video, you can see the basics steps necessary to get to the BIM design phase. At around 3:00 mins you'll see the BIM editor section from where you can start to define your PC system.

Hope this helps.