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How to design a PV system on an inclined surface-PDF Quick guide now available available

Victor 2020-03-11 09:30:03

To the delight of many of our users, the new PDF mini guide is now available for download. The topic is on How to design a PV system on an inclined surface in a few steps with the help of the Solarius PV BIM Editor

With Solarius PV BIM you can design photovoltaic systems thanks to its great reliability and innovative approach, simulating the economic analysis of PV systems and their convenience and of whatever size.
The software becomes the ideal solution for every situation and every need, allowing you to create and design:

- PV installations on new or existing buildings and also for photovoltaic parks
- Choose each location (geolocation with reference climate data)
- Consider all boundary conditions (near and far obstacles)
- Insert each type of module and inverter (the program is also supplied with an archive of thousands of different components and modules)
- With the advantage of a 3D modeling environment (allowing the PV system designer to load DXF/DWG CAD drawings or IFC BIM models)