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[BIM EDITOR] How to Cancel a previously designed PVfield

Victor 2019-12-09 12:19:08

Here's an interesting Technical Support case that is often asked by our Solarius users

Is it possible to modify a previously designed PV field, where the inverters, the General Switchboards and the AC and DC Panels have already been connected?

To be able to modify the photovoltaic field, you'll need to delete the elements connected to it. Here's how to procede:

1. To Delete the General Swicth board Panel, the AC and DC panel connected to the photovoltaic field and to the inverter, select the "General Panel" and then click on the "Cancel project" on the toolbar, (See Figure IMG_01.jpg).

2. To Delete the connection of the Inverter to the photovoltaic field, select the "Inverter" and again, click on the "Cancel project" icon (See figure IMG_02.jpg) .

Once the General Panel and the Inverter have been deleted, we can see that the Photovoltaic Field isn't connected to the "Inverter" and "General Panel" objects, so you are now enabled to modify the PV field (modifying the module type, number of modules, etc.), as specified here:

3. Select the "Photovoltaic Field" then click on the "Design PV Field" icon on the toolbar (See figure IMG_03.jpg). This activated the integrated Assisted design wizard allowing you to implement the necessary changes.

Once the modifications have been made, the inverter and the general switchboard will be reconnected to the photovoltaic field (see figure IMG_04.jpg).


Tony 2020-01-29 09:59:04

the procedure simply explains how to delete a PV field should you need to re-design it. In some cases, you may realise that a given PV field needs to be-re-positioned so removing it completely allows you to re-allocate it somewhere else be re-defining installation surfaces from scratch.

We obviously publish these user cases because they are quite frequent and may be of great help to others too.

Best Regards