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Photovoltaic Module Labelling

Victor 2019-07-01 10:18:28

Technical support request

What do the yellow numbers present on the modules mean? (Ex .:


The labeling on each individual module clearly shows the dependence of the module in relation to the inverter, MPPT string and input.
Specifically, the label "" would be read as follows:

1st digit: "1" identifies the inverter to which the module belongs to (Inverter No.1)
2nd digit: "2" identifies the MPPT input (MPPT Input No.2)
3rd digit: "2" identifies the string to which it belongs to (String No. 2)
4th digit: "7" identifies the module number (module N.7)


Tony 2023-08-30 09:14:31

The Automatic labelling is based on a String/Module criteria.
If you need a Different Labeling method, simply use the 2D Graphical Labels and you can define them as you wish.