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Single Consumption (monthly, yearly basis, etc)

Victor 2018-07-04 11:08:45

Technical support Request

How to insert a device in the "Consumption" analysis section which represents a hypothetical average monthly consumption.

A possible average monthly consumption can be defined by adding a new device and defining it as "June Consumption", following the steps described below.

Example: Monthly consumption 300 kwh - Daily consumption 9.67 kWh (monthly consumption/31 days) - Consumption period 0.403 kWh (Daily consumption/24 hours)

1] Go back to the Consumption node and add a new device
2] Add the specifications of the device, assigning only the reference month as consumption;
3] Enter the daily hourly consumption from 0:00 to 23:00, setting it to 0,403 kWh
4] The estimated monthly consumption is obtained

See the following file to follow the step by step guide: (ConsumptionGuide.pdf)

In the same way it will be possible to model any other device.

Study the topic in more detail with the following video: