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Access to location climate data from within Solarius PV

Tony 2018-02-23 15:59:20

Dear Gentlemen. I've been using Solarius trial version in order to decide whether to purchase it or not. I have a big doubt. Is the full access to Meteonorm included in the software? Meaning when I purchase the 99 EUR annual subscription, the use of the Meteonorm 7.1 data whitin Solarius is fully included in the subscription, or do I need to buy Meteonorm separately? Thanks and best regards.

Yes!... you get full access to the Meteonorm database.


Tony 2018-02-23 16:00:25

Dear sir,
whenever you use MeteoNorm, all related data usage is included in the Solarius PV licensing platform.

Absolutely no extra costs!
I hope that helps and hope to see you among our Solarius PV users.

Best Regards