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The first Design Phase - [Solarius-PV]

Victor 2018-01-30 09:18:39

Here's an interesting technical support case

Why can't I insert the data defining my PV project. For some reason input seems locked.

To proceed with system design and the relating data, please try following these few simple points:

Step 1: Create a new project, either in LV or MV [A: Low Voltage single-phase System - B: Low Voltage Three-phase System - C: Medium Voltage Three Phase System] (see image IMG-01.JPG)
Step 2: Insert a new location and go to the "System" node to start defining your PV project (see image IMG-02.JPG)
Step N.3: Design the system using the "Systems Design" function and do not worry about inserting the DATA in the summary fields. These are automatically completed once the design phase is completed. (see image IMG-03.JPG)
Step N.4: Add the type of "generator" and design the system using the Assisted Design tool. (IMG-04.JPG)

In relation to teh Assisted design tool, please have a look at the two videos listed below. These show you how to operate and design a photovoltaic system from scratch:

Link Video 01: "Assisted Design 1nd Step"
Link Video 02: "Assisted Design 2nd Step"