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Technical support case

Victor 2017-12-13 12:07:34


Is there a way of changing the currency from within the program for producing appropriate financial analysis documents?


To use a different currency in Solarius PV, have a look at this easy to follow illustrated procedure:

1. Procedure for setting a default currency for ALL newly created documents: access the program's "Options" section and edit the "Currency" field, choosing among the various pre-defined currency symbols or by typing in your own [see figure:IMG-01.jpg]
2. Procedure for setting a different currency ONLY for the current project document: access "Profitability" and then press the "Profitability parameters"  button to change the currency symbol. [see figure: IMG-02.jpg]

For further details, please refer to this video:


Tony 2018-11-19 08:59:34

can you please specify where the financial report isn't correct?
Maybe you can provide some details adding attachments to this case.
Thank You!