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Setback around objects

User_810094 2017-09-18 17:12:13

Can anyone tell me how do you establish a setback around an object on the module mounting surface? For example, lots of roofs have condensing units. If I wanted to ensure that my modules are atleast 1 meter away from these units, how would I do that? Does the software also automatically compensate for shadowing when placing modules? if not, how do I do that?

Need help asap


Victor 2017-09-19 12:32:42

To take into account the effects of nearby shadows, please follow these steps below:

1. Locate any obstacles on the dxf / dwg file (Image: 01.ipg)
2. Define the obstacle's height from Ground floor inserting the value in the indicated field to the right (Image: 02.ipg)
3. Define the system's installtion area and define its height from ground floor by selecting one of the vertices and the relating height value (Image: 03.ipg)
4. Enter the building's orientation using the north symbol (Image: 04.ipg)
4. Activate the nearby shadows analysis tool and view the annual, monthly and/or daily periods to see the extent of shadow projection (Image: 05.ipg)
5. Locate the affected area of modules, influenced by nearby shadows, and consider moving them manually (Multiple selection is done by holding down the "CTRL" key on the keyboard and clicking on the single module) - This allows you to move the entire group of modules affected by shading to another available installation surface (Image: 06.ipg)
6. Move modules influenced by nearby shadows using the dedicated move tool (Image: 06.ipg)

The nearby shadow gives an indication of shadow projection, but within the program to avoid any hot spot phenomena, you have to adjust module postioning manually as the presence of shadows isn't calculated in terms of loss of productivity.
01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg, 04.jpg, 05.jpg, 06.jpg