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User_795274 2017-07-06 19:26:56

What is the direction for zero Azimuth ? For a flat generator at Denver/USA (fixed and tilted 39 degrees - Denver latitude) or at São Paulo/Brazil (fixed and tilted 23 degrees - São Paulo latitude), maximum output occurs at azimuth equal to zero. I'm correct about that, right?


Victor 2017-07-10 09:49:14

Once you have selected your location, either it be in the nothern or southern hemisphere, the software allows you to determine the best system exposure both in terms of tilt and azimuth.

After characterizing the shading factor, analytically or graphically, you can then run an efficiency analysis to highlight the optimum orientation for your system in the basis of the location's irradiation values.

Please also refer to this video for further details: [^] See attached figure:img_01.jpg