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Designing a photovoltaic system with optimizers

VivianaTA 2023-03-06 12:24:46

This technical support request was sent in by one of our Solarius users

** Can I design a photovoltaic system using optimizers?**

Yes, with Solarius-PV you can design your PV system using inverters combined with optimizers taking advantage of the Inverter configuration wizard.

In particular, you need to:

  1. Define the Photovoltaic generator;
  2. Launch the Assisted Generator design wizard;
  3. [ i]Step 1 - Select the photovoltaic fields to be connected to the generator;
  4. Step 2 - In Inverter type field, choose the "With optimizer" option as indicated in the image;
  5. Step 2 - Select an inverter among those listed;
  6. Step 3 - Choose the optimizer among those highlighted as compatible;
  7. Now you can conclude the Generator assisted design process.