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Import Consumption Data into Solarius PV via Excel File

SolarPat 2021-05-05 14:32:08

Dear Solarius PV Team,

I would like to use the function of importing consumption data of a device via an Excel file.

In Solarius PV under the registry on the left side, I choose "Consumption". Under the section "Device List", I click on the ''+'' symbol and select "New device from excel...". In the new window under "1. Select import mode", I select "Type of import method: Energy values every hour [kWh]". Under "2. Select file to import", I chose my Excel file.

However, I do not understand, how the Excel table should look like so that it is imported correctly. I have a file with hourly values (8760 consumption values for one year). How do I have to arrange the data within Excel? I tried many possible options but non of them worked. I would be glad, if you could share me a template or something similar which allows me to implement the right structure within the Excel file.

Thank you and all the best!



madoniaivan 2021-05-11 10:14:49

To be able to import data from Excel as "Energy value every hour of the day", the Excel sheet must be created with 25 columns where the data is shown in the first column and consumption in KWh in the remaining 24. So for each row you will have the day and the 24 consumption values.


User_810094 2021-07-12 17:43:09

@madoniaivan. Can you post an example of this layout in excel? I'm trying to do the samething


madoniaivan 2021-07-13 15:24:45

Hi there
Sure!! here you can find an excel file ready to be imported.