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How to customise the print document of the 'Compararison Table'

Antony 2020-10-26 14:27:13

I'd like to share another support request with our PriMus users

How can I change the standard "Survey n.1" and "Survey n.2" definitions which indicate two distinct projects and name them "Project based on tender" and "Project offered with improvements" more appropriately?

You can customise the print document of the '(standard) Compararison Table ' by renaming the proposed column names by default (Project and Variant) in: 'Project tender' and 'Project offered'.
IMPORTANT!!! - for this type of customisation it is advisable to use names that are not too long and, in order to prevent the text from being cut out before and after, you also need to increase the number of integers in the 'Quantity' field on the 'Configuration' page of the General Data' document in order to increase the 'Quantity' columns width in the printout'.

#1 --> see figure: choose '(standard)Comparison Table' and '.dcf' document to compare
#2 --> see figure: change 'Project' and 'Variant' column names to 'Project tender' and 'Project offered' .
#3 --> see figure: edit 'Quantity' (configuration) column width
Note - changes made by 'PROGRAM Options' relate to the program and not to the individual '.dcf' file. Therefore, the new column names assigned will be proposed on all printouts in the '(standard)Comparison Table' that will be produced on the various '.dcf' files after customisation.'.