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How to change the 'Print' and/or 'General Data' settings that the software provides by default in new documents

Antony 2020-10-19 15:43:12

I want to share another technical support case with our PriMus users.

Is it possible to disable, by default, the options relating to 'Close pages with dash' and 'document reference'?

You need to select the function 'Save configuration (default)' after customizing the (not only those contained in the page 'Miscellaneous & Signatures') performed on a specific print node --> see explanatory image
Note - the 'Save configuration (default)' function allows you to save, for each print node, the settings that the software should provide by default in new documents. Save configuration (default) is also present in the General Data pages of the document (the operation is the same as printing) --> see figure