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Why I can't see the 'elements' used in the rate analysis of the estimated items in the 'Requirements' printout?

Antony 2020-10-19 15:08:59

Here's a new technical support issue that I wanted to share.

Why are the analysis 'elements' NOT showed in the Requirements print, but I can see the items used in the BoQ only?

Most likely the 'elements' used in the analysis are NOT price list items (marked with the initial letter (E)) but Free Entries; that is, descriptions inserted directly in the analysis rows which are marked with the initial letter (L) --> see figure.

Therefore, the items (e.g.: Water, Worker, etc.) used in the various analyses must be inserted as price list items, with: tariff code, description, unit of measurement and unit price.
- tariff code: A.01.001.
- description: Water.
- unit of measurement: m3.
- unit price: 0.93.
--> see figure

Regarding the price list items used as analysis elements, in the 'Requirements' print it will then be possible to obtain the total requirements of each component referred to the total amount of the estimated work items --> see figure.

--> see figure - acquisition the element from the Price List of the same document
--> see figure - acquisition of the element from the Reference Price List
--> see figure - creating the element (item) directly in the Price Analysis editor.