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How to get a printout with the list of work types grouped by categories

Antony 2020-10-13 16:54:51

I'd like to share another technical support case

How can you print the BoQ divided into SuperCategories and Categories with LISTED items to measure

The Category Summaries (Super Categories, Categories and Sub Categories) and the Categories structure summary do not include printing combined with work types.

To obtain that, when printing the Bill of Quantities, you need to:
1) select 'Titles' and 'Sub Totals' (the option 'Sub Totals' is recommended to be selected only for the last level that identifies the Entity which in your case seems to correspond to the 'Categories') - Categories page of the print settings --> see figure order not to display the details of the measurements/quantities and to insert the percentage incidences column, it is possible to:
2) choose Print Totals ONLY - page 'General' of print settings --> see figure
3) uncheck columns Quantity and Unit Rate - page 'Miscellaneous & Signatures' of the print settings --> see figure
4) select the column Percentage Incidences -'Miscellaneous & Signatures' page of the print settings --> see figure

Alternatively, consider also the possibility to organize, group, filter the BoQ data through the Super View function --> see figure

Relating video:
--> How to access the 'Super View' which allows you to filter, organize, print and export the BoQ data to Excel or other formats (HTML, Text and XML).