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How to get a a BoQ without the Rate Analysis data

Antony 2020-10-13 16:13:39

Technical support queries

Is there a way of producing my BoQ and Estimate documents without having to show the Rate Analysis details?

Yes, you can follow this really simple procedure:
Step#1 -> see illustration
1) create a new project from Template using the document creation assistant (Wizard);
2) choose your reference document;
3) select only the 'General Data' to transfer to your new document and click the Finish button;

Step#2 -> see illustration
4) open the original BoQ/Cost Estimate document;
5) deselect the Automatic analysis calculation option in the 'Analysis' page under (General Data>Modules>Rate Analysis) in the original document;

Step#3 -> see illustration
6) highlight all BoQ/Cost Estimate items in the Measurements Editor in the Source document;
7) drag the entire block of items selected and drop them in the Measurements Editor in the new document

Note - when the 'Automatic analysis calculation' option is unchecked, the items of that document will be disconnected from their respective analyzes and, therefore, if they need to be shown in a different document they will be considered as simple items (without rate analysis data).