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How to apply a discount on the analysed item rates

Antony 2020-10-13 16:10:10

Here's another technical support request that I'd like to share with our PriMus users

How can I apply a discount on analysed price list items?

You simply need to use the 'Rate Variation...' function only on the elementary costs rates used as components of the analysed items. In this case, the unit rate of the analysed items will be reduced by the percentage indicated both in the analysis and in the item rate field --> see figure.

Alternatively, consider using the 'Increase/Decrease %' option on the 'Analysis' page of the 'Edit Selected Block' window --> see figure
Important!!! - this function allows you to increase/decrease the unit rate by a percentage directly in the analysis without creating inconsistencies between the calculated price and the price in the item rate field --> see figure

Note - to use the 'Rate Variation...' function even on the items being analysed, you first need to turn them into simple price list items; i.e. items without analysis elements.
To do this, you need to delete all analysis elements that form the analysed items by selecting the 'Enable Rate Edit' link on the 'Standard' page of the Price List editor's 'View Details' window --> see figure

Attention!!! - By selecting the link 'Enable Rate Edit' youi can remove all the analysis elements that make up the item. This function does not include a restoring option, so we recommend you to make a copy of the document before using it.