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What is the 'empty' field that is displayed instead of the description when selecting an elementary cost in the Rate Analysis view?

Antony 2020-10-13 15:51:09

Here's another technical support case

When accessing the "Rate analysis" view and editing an item (F2), if you click on the description of an elementary cost (in the "Description of items and elements" column) the correspondent row is empty. Why does that happen?
--> Click HERE to view figure.

This is a program feature that allows you to add a further description to the selected elementary cost in the analysis (elementary cost coming from a reference list and/or from the price list of the same document).

Therefore, when you move the cursor onto an elementary cost used in an analysis, the original description is'momentarily' covered by an editable 'empty' field, where you can add an additional description --> see figure.
Note - to expand the 'Description' field, you need to hold the Ctrl+Enter key combination --> see figure

IMPORTANT!! - the description 'added' to the elementary cost will be displayed, for that item, only in the Rate Analysis editor and print --> see figure