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How to exclude the first page when printing - How to change the columns width

Antony 2020-10-13 15:13:49

Here is another technical support request

1) How can I exclude the first page from the BoQ printing?
2) How can I change the columns width?

Answer to question n.1
You need to choose '<none>' (in the 'Header' field) and indicate the '2' ('from page number' field) in the General page of your Bill of Quantities --> see figure

NOTE Printing the 'Current View: Bill of Quantities' does NOT provide any options for customisation; it is rather produced according to the current view settings and includes the header.

Answer to question n.2.
The columns width in the print document is linked to the configuration of the document's numeric fields.

The columns width in the print document adapts to the configuration of the numeric fields (maximum number of the 'value's integer part' and maximum number of the 'value's decimal part') defined for each (] field, leng. width h/weight, QT, rate, amount, etc.) on the document's Configuration page of the General Data --> see figure

The increase/decrease configuration of the numeric fields determines the width of the respective columns plus the automatic resizing of the Work Description column, which resizes according to the other columns dimension.

In your case, then, to increase the width of the 'H/weight' column (from the image you can see that it is the only column that needs to be enlarged after the name changes), you need to proceed as follows --> see figure