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How to evaluate the unit amount of an item by means of a rate analysis

Antony 2020-10-13 15:01:38

Support ticket issue


Is it possible to obtain the same result as shown in the attached image? [see the attached file]?
To be more specific, I would like a suggestion on how to:
- Insert a work item
- Insert elements and relating link to some specific resource (materials, labour hours, and so on)
- View the items in the work analysis environment
- Apply this calculation to the total percentage amount
Thanks in advance for your help

this kind of work item analysis can be easily obtained in Primus --> see figure
Moreover, the PriMus printed document also corresponds to the document shown in the image below
--> see figure

Here how to proceed in order to obtain the rate analysis as required:
    #1 - insert a new work item (insert: rate, description and measure unit) from the price list editor --> see figure

    #2- also create the other element to be considered in the analysis (insert: rate, description and measurement unit, rate and resource typology)--> see figure

      … repeat the previous passages in order to insert/create all the other element from the price list editor

    #3 – access the rate analysis editor and open a work item element (F2 function key) --> see figure

    #4-Drag&Drop an element from the price list window into the rate analysis string and add a quantity value --> see figure

      …repeat this last step for all the other elements to be calculated during the rate analysis phase

    #6– add a 1% value for the cost of water :
          - insert description, unit of measurement and in the quantity field insert 1.00 --> see figure
          - from the variable list chose ‘sum of amounts from row n1 to n2’ and then insert the range of amount element into the ‘per unit’ field (from 1 to 10 row) and multiply by 0.01. This will apply the 1% extra to the net amount --> see figure

    #7 – now add 15% for company profits --> see figure
    #8 – and then round up the total unit rate --> see figure

    Please download the PriMus file at the following link: --> Example.dcf. You'll find the rate analysis already structured for you to use or modify