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How to activate the fields to insert measurements

Antony 2020-08-24 16:59:55

Here's a technical support case that I'm sharing with our priMus users

How can I activate the fields to insert measurements?

If the measurements fields are not visible, it is likely that the settings of the Dimensions columns (, length, width and H/weight), i.e. those in which values can be edited, have been removed from visibility in the Measurements editor view of the document.

It is useful to remember that to insert a total quantity, this value must be entered in the 'eq. parts' field, as the 'Quantity' field is NOT editable (being a calculated field).

In your case, therefore, you must make visible at least the '' columns --> see figure.

Note - from the General page of the BoQ print settings, choosing Print Total ONLY option won't display the 'DIMENSIONS' columns in the printout.