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How to highlight/select items with unit rates set to zero

Antony 2020-08-24 16:51:59

Here's a new technical support issue that I wanted to share

How can I highlight/select price list and BoQ items with unit rates set to zero?

You can filter (according to your needs) the items in the BoQ through the Super View in order to have them automatically highlighted in the document's Measurements editor --> see figure.

This possibility allows you to replace the identified items with those acquired from the various reference documents (private entities' price books, etc.) through the use of the Drag&Drop replace function (Drag&Drop + Ctrl) which will automatically associate the measures/quantities of the 'old' item replaced to the new item --> see figure

Further possibility - Items with unit rates '0.00' (zero) can be found individually through the Advanced Search... function contained in the Search bar of the document's Price List and Measurements editors.
HOW TO PROCEED - The procedure can be performed on both document editors (Price List and Measurements).
1) open the search bar;
2) open the Advanced search;
3) choose equal[=] as search criterion in the Rate field;
4) indicate 0.00;
5) confirm the dialog to find the first item.
To find the other items that meet the previously set condition, select Next Search... in the search bar or press the F3 key. In this case, highlighting must be done manually (Hold down the Shift button + click on the item) as the items are found. --> see figure