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Rate Analysis highlights: Drag&Drop the analyzed items between two documents

Antony 2020-07-28 16:32:44

I'm sharing this Technical support case with our PriMus users

1) Why, when dragging an analyzed item from one document to another, all the elements and/or the included analyses are automatically showed in the price list where they are dropped?
--> see figure

This is part of the normal rate analysis operations.
Such condition does affect the process in any way, on the contrary, it simplifies it since it allows the operator to customize the same analysis in the different BoQs where they are used, leaving the rate analysis from the reference document (price list, price book, BoQ, etc.) unchanged.
Moreover, having in the price list also the elements contained in the analysis of the estimated item, allows you to print :
- the BoQ with the estimated item only --> see figure;
- the BoQ with the estimated item and the analysis items --> see figure;
- the requirements --> see figure;
- the price list with all the items contained in the Price List editor --> see figure;
- the price list with the items used in the BoQ only (in this case the items contained in the analysis are not printed)--> see figure;
- the rate analysis --> see figure;
- etc..

However, if in the price list you need to have the dragged items only without the items contained in the respective analysis, then you should uncheck the 'Automatic analysis calculation' option in the 'Analysis' page of the reference document before acquiring such items --> see figure.