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How to show the values inserted in the 'Equal Parts' field in the BoQ printout

Antony 2020-07-28 16:18:13

Here is another technical support case that I'd like to share with our PriMus users.

How can the values inserted in the "Equal Parts" column be printed out?

Inserting only the value in the field eq.par. corresponds to indicating its total quantity. Therefore, when printing the BoQ, the value is reported only in the Quantity column --> see figure

When the field eq. par. contains a formula (for example: 2*300), in the BoQ printout, the value (result of the formula) is showed in both the eq. par. column and the Quantity column. In these cases, in the 'WORK DESCRIPTION' column of the printout, the formula and the reference to the field in which it has been inserted are both showed --> see figure.
Note - to NOT display the formula, you need to choose the option print WITHOUT formulas on the General page of the boQ print settings --> see figure