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Where to insert formulas for measurement rows

Antony 2020-06-16 16:48:55

Here is another technical support case

How can you insert formulas in the measurement rows?

Formulas can be inserted in the 'Dimension' (, Leng., Width, H/weight) field and not in the 'measurements description' field --> see figure

Note - the field before Dimensions can, normally, be used to describe measurements and/or formulas that are inserted in the subsequent fields.
It is possible to view and/or not to view the formulas in the 'work description' directly in the document through the selection of the respective options in the Bill of Quantities print settings

From the 'General' section in the Bill of Quantities Print settings, you can choose:
- print STANDARD formulas (software default option) --> see figure
- print COMPLETE formulas --> see figure
- print WITHOUT formulas --> see figure