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How to export the cost estimate items without unit rates and amount

Antony 2020-06-16 16:44:45

Here is another technical support case

How can you export the cost estimate without rates and amounts?

You can export the BoQ using the Export data grid in XLS format function after having selected a rate in the View Options toolbox with a different rate to the one shown in the Measurements editor - Each price list item has 5 rate fields(--> see figure), by default, the software suggests the rate contained in field 1.

In addition, you can also consider the possibility of exporting the cost estimate print data in .CSV format (a format that can be managed with any spreadsheet editor) or in .RTF format (a format that can be managed with any word processor) after having selected the "Without Rates" option from the Rate listbox in the General section of the BoQ Print settings
--> see figure - '.csv' format - (data obtained from the export to CSV should subsequently be formatted according to your needs)
--> see figure - '.rtf' format