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How to add new tables in the software archive and obtain the respective values (weight, etc.) in the measurement rows

Antony 2020-06-08 16:56:50

Here's another really interesting technical support case

How can I add new formula tables in the software archive and get the relating values when called up in a measurement row (weights, etc.)?

In the software archive, you'll find the following tables with their respective values:
1) Rebar
2) L-beams with equal sides
3) Double-T beams
4) L-beams with unequal sides
5) Circular section tubes
6) Square section tubes
7) Rectangular section tubes
--> see figure

Nota - these tables can be edited and/or integrated by accessing the page 'Weights tables' from the 'PROGRAM Options' window.
--> see figure

Additional tables (with their respective values) that can be added
--> see figure
Note - importing tables and/or values from other formats is not a possibility provided.

Relating video tutorial:
--> Customizing the program (the topic 'values in the table' is dealt with at the minute 01:01 and 01:21)
Note - although the tutorial has been produced with a previous software version is still valid to understand the use of the window Options PROGRAM.