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How to import data from Excel to PriMus

Antony 2020-05-25 14:44:59

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How can I import data from Excel to PriMus?

You can easily acquire data from an Excel file and import it into PriMus with all relevant Price List item data (for example: rate code, description, unit of measure and unit rate).

If there is non relavant prce list info in your Excel doc, simply hide any unnecessary he columns that contain different information and/or belonging to the BoQ (for example: order number, measurements, quantities, etc. .)

-> Step #1 -> see figure
- from the Excel sheet, hide the columns 'Progressive Number 'and' Quantity';
-> Step #2 -> see figure
- from the 'import/export fields' section of the properties option under the Price List Editor Pop up menu, remove and organize the fields according to how they are organized in the Excel sheet;
-> Step #3 -> see figure
- from the Excel sheet, select the items and copy them; - in the Price List editor of the PriMus document simply Paste the contents.