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Saving the print margins

Antony 2020-04-20 14:48:56

How to save the print margin settings

Here's an interesting support ticket that was sent in by one of our PriMus users

How can I make changes to the print margins?

You can make your margin setting changes when launching the DEFAULT PRINT of the selected page
-> see figure

Note - the DEFAULT PRINT is a reference for new prints that are added later to the Documents PRINT list of the selected document. Therefore, the choices/customizations made under DEFAULT PRINT will be extended to all new prints added to the PRINT List.

In addition, to make the newly customized margins available for WPS (Work Progression Statements - Only with the construction Cost Management module active) and also for future documents that will be created, it is necessary to select the newly added node in the PRINTS list and select the option ' Save configuration(as default)' (use node configuration for new documents)
-> see figure