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How to create a 'price list' document starting from price list elements of other documents

Antony 2019-02-26 16:57:16

I want to share a technical support request

Is it possible to create price lists from the list of previous jobs / projects?

To bring the price list items from previous works into the new List, just use the Drag & Drop function.

1) open the new 'Price List' document;
2) open the existing documents (price list, Bill of Quantity etc.) ;
3) arranges the various documents on the screen in an appropriate position;
4) from the Price List editor of the already created documents, take (Drag & Drop) the items in the Price List editor of the new document (List) .

Note - Drag & Drop can also be performed for blocks of highlighted items. The following are the different ways to highlight the items:
A) key ' Shift ' pressed and ' left click ' of the mouse on the items;
B) key ' Shift ' pressed and arrow ' down ' or ' on ' of the keyboard;
C) right click mouse over the item and from the menu choose ' Highlight Price List Entry ';
D) right click mouse over any item and from the menu choose ' Highlight Price List Item '.

It is also possible to create a new document (List, Computation, etc.) starting from existing document data (price list items, chapters, general data, etc.) . In this case, you need to generate the new document using the function ' Wizard (SuperWizard) '.

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Note - even if the video has been made with previous versions of the software is still valid for learning the use of the 'Drag & Drop', 'search filters' and ' Wizard (SuperWizard) ' functions.