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How to import customizations (Heads, User Pages etc.) generated with previous PriMus versions

Antony 2019-02-26 16:34:35

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After the installation process of a new release of PriMus, how should I proceed to import the Headings, the User Pages, etc. generate with the previous software version?

In order to import the customizations made on previous version archive (heads, models, tables, etc.), it is necessary to use the proper function Import Options .

1) start PriMus;
2) access the Options section (from the blue tab of PriMus home) and click on PROGRAM Options ;
3) click on Import Options
4) indicate the PriMus version in which the customization has been created
5) click on Select Folder ...
6) access the folder BACKUP_SETUP present in the installation folder of the program
7) access the folder showing the date of the last installation, then in " Resources " and then in " EN "
8) click OK to close the Select folder ... dialog
At the end of this operation, the folder path EN is shown in the PriMus directory field (example: C: \ ACCA \ PriMus \ BACKUP_SETUP \ 05/19/2016 \ Resources \ EN) ;
9) select the archives you want to import;
10) click the Import Program Options button and wait for the successful completion of the operation.
The Restore Program Options (Default Archive) button restores the archive’s configuration of the program in use.