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Showing the Health and Safety costs in the 'Structure' toolbox

Antony 2019-01-29 18:47:56

Here's another technical support case

Can I view the Health and Safety Costs in the 'Structure' toolbox?

The Health and Safety costs are shown in the Structure toolbox -> see the explanatory image only if determined analytically by means of specific health and safety cost items entered in the SAFETY COSTS editor -> see explanatory image .
This is a utility that allows to gather in the .dcf document, two distinct documents: the Works Estimate and the Health and Safety estimate

In case, health and safety costs are determined according to the percentage incidence shown for each price list item used in the works estimate and , not through a specific health and safety estimate entered in the HEALTH AND SAFETY COSTS editor; these are not displayed in the Documents Structure toolbox.

To be able to see the health and safety costs according to a percentage incidence for each price list item, it is necessary to print the Health and safety incidence Estimate -> see video: health and safety - incidence percentage