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How to increase the decimals in the 'Quantities' field

Antony 2019-01-21 17:16:50

How can I increase the number of decimal places in the Quantity column?

Yes, you can proceed in two different ways:
A) increase the number of decimals (for example: ' Equal Parts ' and Quantity) in the Configuration section of the document under (General Data - Configuration - Configuration).

In this case, 4 decimal places will be displayed in the columns Equal Parts and Quantity for all the BoQ entries .
-> see explanatory image

B) increase the number of decimals in the column in which the value is written (for example: 'Equal Parts') under teh Configuration (General Data - Configuration - Configuration) and in Quantity for the items involved.

In this case, 4 decimal places will be shown:
- in the column Equal Parts for all the BoQ items ;
- in column Quantity only for the items to which the quantity configuration was been changed.
-> see image