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How can I modify the Overheads and Company profit percentages in my document?

Antony 2018-11-20 18:38:05

I'm sharing this interesting document customisation support case sent in by one of our users.

Can I change the General Costs and Company Profit percentage when doing a Rate Analysis?

Yes, you can basically proceed in two different ways:
A) modifying the values ​​in the 'Overheads' and 'Company Profit' field in te Rate Analysis field of the General Data editor -> see figure
1) the values ​​defined in the Rate Analysis' page under General Data will be proposed in all items analyzed in that document;
2) to have the new values ​​and/or settings automatically defined in the new documents that will be generated, select the function 'Save Configuration (as Default)' in the rate Analysis page -> see figure

B) modifying the values ​​in the Overheads and Company Profit fields for each item entry in the 'Rate Analysis -> view details' page -> see figure
Note - the mode described below 'B)' is more suitable when needing to specify different values ​​for different processes in the same document.

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