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How to export the 'Extended' and 'short' Price List item descriptions in one single process

Antony 2018-11-20 18:34:34

This case was sent in by one of our PriMus users.

How can I get a summary description in the Excel export of my Price List items in addition to the extended description?

Simply proceed as follows:
1) firstly, customize the Price List editor view using the settings in the View Optionstoolbox -> see figure
2) then export the data with the Export to an XLS file as a grid option - > see figure

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Tony 2018-11-23 12:22:29

The possibility to export the SHORT and EXTENDED item description to Excel 2007/2010 (.xlsx) is supported only with the 'Export grid to XLS' feature.

Please refer to this video for indications on how to proceed: