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How to do a Drag&Drop between two documents without acquiring measurement data

Antony 2018-11-20 18:27:17

Here's another technical support case sent in by one of our PriMus users

How can you copy a work section without dragging in the measurements?

This can be done by acquiring the item from the Price List editor instead of the Measurements editor.

Example 1: acquisition of an item from another document
In this case, to acquire the work item without the measurements, you need to acquire them from the Price List editor of the other document ( for example: Cost-estimate_B ) and drag them into the Measurements editor of the document you are working on (for example: Cost-estimate_A ) -> see figure

Example 2: Acquiring items from the same document
In this case, to reuse items already present in the Measurements editor, simply acquire them from the Price List Toolbox of the same document -> see figure