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How to workk out a custom amount within the Financial Table page applying a percentage on an amount acquired from the cost estimate document

Antony 2018-11-20 17:55:27

This interesting support case was sent by a PriMus user

How can I calculate a certain value automatically acquiring values and amounts from within my PriMus document?

The Financial Table sub-section, under the "General Data" tab can be used as a basic spreadsheet calculator. In fact, you can acquire cost information from your document and apply various types of algebrical operations, including percentage calculations.
As the document costs vary (lump-sums, costs for safety and Measured works amounts), so will the financial table amounts too.

Let's try this simple example showing how to add a percentage calculation of 10% referred to a given row:

1) - Firstly, insert a row type title under the "description" column at row 1, let's say "A1 measured works"
2) - In the same row but under the "amount" column, do a right mouse button click on the field and select "Measured Works amount" - the total amount is retrieved from the sum of work items previously categorised as "Measured Works" during data input
3) - On row 3 of the Financial Table, insert "For undefined works (10%)" as a description;
4) - moving to the next column under "amount", simply add your calculation formula. Use right mouse click again and select "$Tn$" from the pop up menu where "n" = row number. Type in 1 just after T so as to have "$T1$";
5) - add your operators being "*0.10" to form a percentage calculation in order to get "$T1$*0.10"
6) - add a final description "TOTAL" at row nr.5 and following along the same row under the amount column, again, a right mouse click to select "$Ts$" to add all of the preceding row amounts. Once confirmed, you see the toatl including a 10% increase at row 5.

--> See the attached illustratiuon to see how to proceed