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How to create a new document with default data (Chapters, Categories, etc.)

Antony 2018-10-23 18:39:40

Here's another really interesting Technical support issue that I have to share with our PriMus users.

How can I create a new document using pre-defined default data?

PriMus allows you to organize/structure the Price List and the BoQ using Chapters and Categories .
The Chapters (Super Chapters, Chapters and Sub Chapters) are used to structure/organize the Price List.
The Categories (Super Categories, Categories and Sub Categories) are used to structure/organize the construction cost estimate.

By default, a new document created with PriMus (Price List, Cost estimate, BoQ or construction cost management) is completely empty; all data needs to be entered by theh quantity surveyor or acquire them from other documents. In particular, the General Data of the document an be composed freely at any stage of the drafting process: at the beginning, while working on the BoQ or at the end.

To obtain a new document with the initial data already set (eg the list of Chapters and Categories, the document titles etc,) you can proceed in two different ways:
1) the first way is to indicate, on a previously prepared document, the default data that you need to use each time you create a new document.
In this case, simply press the Save as Default option located at the top right of each page under General Data of the document.
Note - This button is active only after editing one of the fields
-> see explanatory image

2) the second way is to create a new document starting from a reference document using the Document Creation Assistant (SuperWizard).
-> see video: How to create a new document by acquiring data and settings from an existing document with the Document Creation Assistant tool

However, after creating the new document you can acquire data from other jobs at any time using the simple Drag & Drop functions.

-> see Video: Work better - drag & drop BoQ data from other documents